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Great Bash by Carl Albing

Carl Albing does a great job of walking you through this bash video tutorial at a conversational pace that is easy to follow. I have been coding in bash for some time now so I was mainly interested in observing the style of others. This video was a good fit, I felt like I was listening to a more experienced co-worker share his approach to bash.

There are some really neat tricks here and there, that I had either forgotten or had never properly learned: such as the beauty (and simplicity) of variable substitution and different ways to pass input streams. I started this series while beginning to write a system in Perl. Inspired by the way that Carl Albing so easily wrangled piped streams, I rethought the project and wrote a portion of it in bash (to compare the complexity). As it turns out, bash was a much better tool for the job!

The video editing was smooth and the volume was fine but the section titles were not correct. On several of the videos the section titles were for “Great JavaScript with Carl Albing”. Also, the tool tips on the bottom of the screen went by far rather quickly. The most important part is, of course, the content: and that was excellent.

Summary: I highly recommend this video series as an introduction (or refresher).